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“African Heritage Month” WORLDWIDE

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  • Raise awareness about Black African Diaspora WORLDWIDE, including descendants of Black Africans who were enslaved and shipped to the Americas via the Atlantic and Arab Slave Trades.
  • To educate, outreach and reconciliation for ALL People of Black African descent
  • To motivate people of Black African descent to trace their roots and gain a better knowledge of SELF. Celebrate our original Black African Heritage and Ancestors
  • SEPTEMBER is recognized as African Heritage Month to celebrate the contributions and the rich cultural and linguistic diversity of Africans in the USA.
  • African Heritage Month, USA is to bring people together in peace during this monthlong celebration.
  • African Heritage Month recognizes and salutes the many contributions and ongoing achievements of people of African descent from all over the world.
  • To celebrate African Heritage Month as a tribute to the history, culture, heritage and ancestry of Africans living in Africa and the Diaspora.
  • To Recognize African tradition and cultural heritage enriches the social fabric of our community through their education, entertainment, entrepreneurial skills and the many other contributions to the economic, diversity and social vitality.
  • African Heritage Month is an opportunity to promote and support traditional African culture and heritage by increasing visibility of the Black African community.

Brief History – Slaves that were taken by the Arabs from central and eastern portions of the continent then sold them into markets in the Middle East the Indian Subcontinent and the Far East. Then the Europeans (Caucasians) captured or bought African Slaves from West Africa and brought them to the Americas and Europe to help build the countries they were taken to.

The dispersion through slave trading represents the largest forced migrations in Human History!

Many communities that were built with the help of descendants of Black African Slaves in the Americas, Europe and Asia have survived to the modern day. In other cases, blacks intermarried with non-blacks and their descendants are blended into the local population

KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of Original Black African Heritage & Ancestry, the better relationships, understanding and above all SOCIAL COHESION with other groups can be.

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